*Make sure, you have an active 'Rubu' account.

If you don't have one, please signup here: https://rubu.tv/billing/signup

Method-1; (Our Free app)


To begin the configuration process for your Firestick, kindly ensure you are on the device's home screen.

From this point, Follow the subsequent steps outlined in the procedure. The process has been designed to be simple and user-friendly.

1- Select app store


2- Select Search


3- Type ''


4- Match the app logo


5- Click on download


6- It'll take a few seconds


7- Open it


8- Go to the TV app menu


9- Select the 'Nufu pro action' app and open it


10- Enter the following URL link


*You are all set now.

Multi-Screen Option

11- Regarding the number of games or channels that can be watched simultaneously, you can view up to four games or channels at a time. To switch between these channels or games, simply hold or long-press the "round/ok" button on your remote.